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🌸 Does your Back ache? 

🌸 Are you time-pressed? 

🌸 Have you tried Physical Therapy and it helped at the time but has now returned?

🌸 Looking for a different option?

🌸 Need help staying accountable? 

The Journey to Transformation Starts Here Without Needing to Leave Home

Our Process


Movement & Goal Assessment

A initial virtual call performed by a licensed professional to assess your pain and dysfunction in order to determine the root cause of the problem. Also to set goals that you would like to achieve in our time working together. 


Personalized Program

A highly tailored, personalized plan in order to decrease your pain, restore mobility and improve your strength and stability. All available to you without needing to leave your home. 


Long Term Healthy Lifestyle

Learn all the tools to create a long term healthy active lifestyle with tools to prevent future injuries.

Schedule your free call today to see if this is right for you!

Specially Designed Customized Programs Including:

✓ Low Back Pain

✓ Bulging Discs

✓ Sciatica/ Nerve Pain

✓ Upper Back/Shoulder Blade Pain

✓ Neck Pain

✓ Hip Pain

✓ Knee Pain

✓ Foot/ankle Pain

Free Assessment Form

Thank you! I look forward to connecting soon!

Dr. Siobhan Kumiega, DPT

Dr. Siobhan Kumiega is a native from the suburbs of Chicago and a graduate from Elmhurst College and Midwestern University where she studied Exercise Science before earning her Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Siobhan has worked primarily in Outpatient Orthopedics since 2007 with a couple years working with traumatic brain injuries. Her outpatient experience has found her primarily working with the weekend warriors who have nagging injuries.

Are you a busy professional or momma, with no time for making appointments in a physical therapy clinic? Do you have a nagging injury and just haven't found the time to see a doctor?


Siobhan is passionate about helping the busy worker bee or momma who has either tried the doctor and/or physical therapy in the traditional setting and still has not rid the pain. Siobhan is here to assist and educate those who are motivated to move better and return to doing things that they love!


Siobhan's treatment style is working together in the virtual space, with personalized one-on-one sessions to guide you through your journey of recovery. She believes that true wellness encompasses not only the physical, but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of life. Her goal is to help you achieve a pain-free lifestyle through rehabilitation, nutrition, and a little bit of faith. 


“Siobhan has helped me through 3 orthopedic surgeries and helped me reclaim my life back after each one. She looks at you as the whole person and not just the injury you are dealing with. She is able to recognize what each person needs on their healing journey and doesn’t have a “One size fits all” approach. She is easy to get to know, approachable, and you’ll always feel comfortable in her care. I am lucky to have had her on my team after my surgeries and couldn’t have done it without her and her support.”

Jessica R.

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